Hi! I'm Chrissy, editor of Enslain Magazine, and compiler of this photo gallery. Ever since moving to Finland in 2008, I've been overwhelmed with one great metal gig after another, nearly a dozen festivals per summer, and 70,000 tons of unforgettable experiences, so this is my place to share those events with anyone who might've been there, or would've liked to be.

I spent my formative years in the Philly area, and started writing about metal gigs and albums around '95. This was supplemented by an internship at Nuclear Blast, some gig promoting/booking on the East Coast, and six North American tours as merchandiser and eventually tour manager. Over time, the limitations of the American metal scene became frustrating enough that I needed a change of scenery... and where better than Helsinki to explore a refreshing surge of metal spirit!! Seriously, it's that great here.

At the moment, I'm finishing up my English Philology studies at the University of Helsinki, working as a narrator at an IT company, and being married to the blondest little metal monkey in Finland. I'm also currently writing the next print issue of Enslain Magazine, which is going to be exciting, so stay tuned!

Birthdate: July 22
Favorite Song: Amorphis - "Summer's End" or, live, Hypocrisy - "Obsculum Obscenum"
Hobbies: Attending gigs and festivals, traveling for metal, drinking, snowboarding, RPG's
Best Metal Experiences:
- Touring with To/Die/For
- Working at Nuclear Blast - Philly
- Attending my first Milwaukee Metalfest in 1998
- Moving to Finland to be closer to M E T A L!!
Favorite Drink: Pirkka olut - sweet and makea!

Touring History
  • In Flames, Nevermore, Shadows Fall - merch - Dec 2000
  • Vader, Decapitated, Dew-Scented - merch - Nov 2005
  • Nile, Hypocrisy, Decapitated, Soilent Green, Raging Speedhorn, With Passion - merch / asst. tour manager - Jan-Feb 2006
  • To/Die/For, Virgin Black, Epicurean - tour manager / merch - Jul 2007
  • Insatanity - merch - Sept 2007